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Guaranteed Issue
Medical Insurance

guaranteed issue health insurance

Guaranteed Issue Medical Plans
No Medical Declines

This is a guaranteed issue medical plan. There are no medical declines and is guaranteed renewable until age 65. It has the best benefit to cost ratio of any plan we sell. Plus, it covers maternity.


Guaranteed Issue Medical Plan with 4 Plan Levels

This is not an offer of insurance. The information on this page is subject to change.

Of all the plans we sell, this series of plans offers the most benefit for the lowest premium. Nothing that we have even comes close.

To purchase this plan, you must work a minimum of 30 hours/week.

Use this plan:

- By itself as a supplement or mini-medical plan
- To supplement your individual or group major medical plan
- In conjunction with another limited benefit plan to increase benefits
- To cover a pre-existing condition (after 12 months)
- To help pay maternity expenses (after 10 months)

This is real insurance and not an association plan. If it is approved for your state, the department of insurance will have already reviewed it and gave permission for it to be sold there.

Use any doctor or hospital you want. There are no restrictive networks.

Hospital Coverage - Offers 365 days of coverage, while most plans offer only 30. Plus, the ICU is paid on top of the daily hospital coverage and not instead of it.

Most people are in the hospital for a week or less. That is why this plan offers extra cash during the initial week of hospitalization.

Maternity Coverage - This guaranteed issue health plan will also cover maternity after 10 months. If you take the plan and become pregnant 2 months later, you would deliver after you were on the plan for 11 months and the delivery would be covered the same as any other hospitalization.

Each week we are adding more states to the availability list. Presently, it is available in:n.

Please note that there is a 12 month wait for pre-existing conditions.


You are between the ages of 18 and 65 and you are working an average of 30 hours a week (can be self-employed).

You do not have to remain working once the plan is in place.

There are no medical declines. Essentially, if you meet the aforementioned requirement and have a pulse, you will be accepted.

If you continue to pay your premiums, the plan cannot ever be canceled. It is a guaranteed renewable plan.

Daily Room Benefit

This is paid per day for each day you are hospitalized. They will pay up to 365 days. Most other plans stop after 30 days.

Intensive Care Unit

Pays the Daily Benefit selected in addition to other policy benefits, for up to 20 days confinement in a Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit for a covered Injury or Sickness beginning on the first day of confinement

This is paid to you in addition to the daily room benefit, not instead of it, like most plans.

Lump Sum Indemnity

Pays selected Lump Sum Benefit for the first time an insured is confined to a hospital as a resident bed patient during the calendar year due to a covered Injury or Sickness. It is paid in addition to any other benefit.

First Hospital Confinement

This is a little tricky, but I will explain it clearly. Remember, with this plan you have to add up a few different parts of the plan to know what you will get if you are hospitalized or in an accident.

I will provide some simple illustrations at the bottom of this chart.

For the $5,000 First Hospital Confinement you are paid the following benefit for each day in the hospital the first time you are confined each year.

Again, has nothing to do with daily benefit, ICU, indemnity or anything else. That is the nice thing about this plan. All the benefits add together. They do not replace each other.

1st day in hospital: $500
2nd day in hospital: $500
3rd day in hospital: $1,000
4th day in hospital: $1,000
5th day in hospital: $1,000
6th day in hospital: $1,000

If you were in the hospital for 4 days for a covered sickness or accident, you would receive $3,000.

On the Gold and Platinum plans it is doubled.

1st day in hospital: $1,000
2nd day in hospital: $1,000
3rd day in hospital: $2,000
4th day in hospital: $2,000
5th day in hospital: $2,000
6th day in hospital: $2,000

Hospital Injury Indemnity

This is an amount paid to you per day if you are in the hospital due to an injury and not a sickness. This benefit is paid in addition to the other listed benefits. It is not paid instead of those benefits.

Surgery Plus

Pays the percentage listed in the surgical schedule times the Maximum Surgical Benefit selected for surgery performed due to a covered Injury or Sickness by a physician in an approved facility. (If more than one surgical procedure is performed at the same time, only one benefit, the largest, will be paid.)

This includes a benefit of 25% of the amount paid under the Surgical Benefit for anesthesia administered by a physician in connection with such surgery.

The benefit also pays 4% of the Maximum Surgical Benefit for Mammography Screening Schedule and 1% of the Maximum Surgical Benefit for one PAP Screening Test per year for ages 18+

There is a separate surgical schedule that lists many different surgical procedures. Each procedure has a dollar value associated with it. That is how much you are paid.

By the way, unlike most plans, this benefit is also unlimited and not restricted to a limited number of surgeries.

Private Duty Nurse

Pays a Daily Benefit for required services of a Private Duty Nurse for at least 8 hours a day while confined in a hospital for a covered Injury or Sickness. The benefit is payable for up to 30 days for any Period of Confinement.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

They will pay lump amounts based on various injuries or death due to an accident.

Specified Injury

Another accident feature that pays out a specific amount based on type of injury. For example, if you broke your leg, they would pay you $1,350. This is in addition to any other benefit on this plan like surgery, accident, etc.

Pays a specific Benefit Amount for covered Injuries for: (1) Appliances; (2) Ambulance; (3) Blood/Plasma; (4) Burns; (5) Dislocations; (6) Eye Injuries; (7) Fractures; (8) Ruptured Disk; (9) Tendons/Ligaments; (10) Torn Knee Cartilage; and (11) Gunshot Wound – for employees only.

Emergency Accident

Pays the specified benefit for Emergency Care rendered within 72 hours of the Injury by a physician in a hospital emergency room or physician’s office.

Pays for up to four different covered Injuries in a calendar year per insured category (4 for employee, 4 for spouse, and 4 for all children, not each child).

Outpatient Sickness

Pays the specified benefit for treatment in an out-of-hospital facility (including physician’s office), due to a covered Sickness.

This benefit also pays one and one half times the benefit selected per Sickness for treatment in a Hospital Emergency Room. Pays up to four different covered Sicknesses in a calendar year per insured category (4 for employee, 4 for spouse, and 4 for all children, not each child).

When used in an emergency room, it will pay 150% of the benefit.

OK, my head is swimming. How about some examples?

If I get sick an go to the hospital for 5 days, how much will I get if I have the Platinum plan? Let's assume it is my first hospitalization of the year.

The daily room benefit will give you (5 X $500) = $2,500.
The indemnity benefit will pay you $1,000
The First Hospital Confinement benefit will pay you $8,000 (see chart above)

For the five days in the hospital, not counting payment for surgery or doctors (which could pay out thousands more), you will get paid $11,500.

If you were in intensive care, you will receive an additional $2,000 for each of the days in ICU.

If you went to the hospital for an accident, you would get the additional benefits that we pay out for accidental injury.


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We are available Mon - Thurs from 9 AM to 9 PM EST and on Friday until 6 PM.

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*This plans has a pre-existing conditions limitation. Pre-existing conditions are not covered until the policy has been in effect for more than 12 months. A pre-existing condition is any condition you have now or had within a 12 month period prior to the effective date of coverage for each covered person. If you have had prior credible coverage, up to 12 months can be substituted and pre-existing conditions may be covered immediately